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Saint Egon & Gotvik's baronial investiture, March 4-6, 2016

It is with great joy we are inviting the people of Drachenwald to celebrate Gotvik’s patron saint Egon, who protects us against foul farmers and rains of herring.

This year there will also be the investiture of Gotvik's new Baron and Baroness.

If you want to hold a lecture or workshop please feel free to contact the event steward.

Grown ups:
Weekend SEK 350
Daytrip saturday SEK 250

Youths (age 12-15):
Weekend SEK 170
Daytrip SEK 120

Children (age 0-11) no charge


There is a risk that the crashspace will be crowded so we ask that you minimize the space your bedding and belonings need.

Location: (Löftadalens) Stuvs bygdegård

Stuvvägen 49, Frillesås

430 30 Frillesås

For help with transportation. Please contact the event steward.
(closest airport is Landvetter the other aiport is Gothenburg City airport)

Crash space on floor




Event steward:
Herr Marc Sköldbane (Marc Josgård) (+46)70-968945X (X=3+3)
Herr Emund från Sleep (Tobias Källkvist)
Lady Alfhild de Foxley (Linda Rosengren)

Mail event steward:
 Mail feastokrat: